Your real life will begin when you understand these 5 things.


Life is a journey filled with lessons, and sometimes, we learn the most important ones a bit too late. Existential psychology suggests that the question of life’s meaning typically arises in adulthood.

However, the sooner we find answers, the more vibrant and fulfilling our lives become, and the fewer regrets we have later.

Here are five things that people often understand about life too late.

1. We All Will Die Someday

While it’s no secret that life has a certain, individually determined length, people tend to avoid thinking about the fact that life has an end.

This might seem obvious, but many of us go through life without truly acknowledging our mortality until it becomes inevitable. Understanding that our life is limited helps us live more consciously and appreciate every moment.

2. We Can Control Our Thoughts and Emotions

We often fail to realize that our thoughts and emotions react to our interactions with the outside world. These reactions are temporary and pass.

What’s more important is how we interpret them. In other words, events always occur around us, but how we respond to them is up to us.

Unfortunately, many of us grow up in a culture that ignores our internal state, leading to depression, emotional burnout, and apathy.

To prevent this, ask yourself: “What state am I in? How do I feel? Is what I’m doing important to me?”

3. Our Life Only Makes Sense When We Fulfill Our Calling

Our calling is what gives us a sense of significance and fills our life with meaning. However, it’s crucial not to waste energy searching for a calling.

Instead, focus on what you have: your abilities, talents, skills, and opportunities. Then, see what problems you can solve with these resources and where you can apply your potential.

4. We Should Live in the Present, Not the Past or Future

Too many people spend their lives thinking about the past or worrying about the future, missing the opportunity to enjoy the present.

Life can’t be put on pause while waiting for a desired moment to arrive. Understanding this helps us live our moments in life more fully.

5. We Are Responsible for Our Life and Our Choices

One of the main reasons we often understand many things too late is the fear of responsibility. This fear can paralyze us, depriving us of the ability to make decisions and set goals.

It’s important to see responsibility as an “answer” – a unique, irreplaceable response that each of us has within us.

This response is to the world, to the tasks that life sets, to the challenges in relationships, and so on.

Understanding and evaluating our life from a broader perspective, emphasizing the depth of our awareness of our existence in this world, can enrich our lives. We can fill this world with ourselves, where we can be satisfied and grateful for what is given.

We can multiply our skills, develop our potential, rejoice and marvel at how much beauty there is around us.

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