Embrace the 80s: A Guide to the Decade’s Iconic Fashion


Welcome to the explosive decade of the 80s, where style became audacious, colorful, and simply incredible! Prepare for a journey filled with retro fashion and nostalgia as we delve into the key elements of 80s style and how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe today.

Characteristics of 80s Style

The 80s was a decade where love for big brands and renowned designers became the ultimate expression of style. It was an era where materialism reigned, and flaunting the logos of top designers became a status symbol. Oversized garments and shiny fabrics took over the runways and streets. Nothing was too big or too flashy!

Various subcultures also marked the second half of the 80s. The colorful and bold looks gave way to the punk look, where rebellion and individuality were expressed through fashion. It was a time of authenticity and daring.

Style Tips for Dressing in the 80s

  1. Logos: The “logomania” is back! Don’t be afraid to proudly display your favorite brands. Look for garments and accessories with bold logos and place them prominently. Let your style speak for itself!
  2. Padded Shoulders: If you want to achieve a truly 80s look, make sure you have padded shoulders on your jacket, top, or shirt. This trend is perfect for women with a triangular body shape, as it helps balance proportions and draw attention to the upper body. Make your shoulders stand out!
  3. Oversize: In the 80s, everything was extra, and that included clothing volumes! Opt for oversized garments that allow you to play with proportions. From t-shirts to pants and coats, the bigger, the better. Don’t be afraid to go a step further!
  4. Say No to Minimalism!: The 80s were anything but minimalist. Leave behind sobriety and embrace excess, extravagance, and audacity in your looks. Bet on striking garments, bold prints, and ostentatious details. It’s time to shine!
  5. Bright and Neon Colors: Neutral tones have no place in 80s fashion. Opt for bright and neon colors that attract attention. Think fuchsia pink, lime green, electric blue, and bright yellow. Dare to stand out from the crowd!
  6. Say Goodbye to Basics: In the 80s, basics didn’t exist. It’s time to put aside white t-shirts and little black dresses. Instead, opt for interesting and voluminous silhouettes. Think exaggerated shoulder pads, flared skirts, and wide pants. Unleash your creativity!

So, get ready for a time travel journey and dive into the excess and fun of this unique decade. Bright colors and extravagant silhouettes are ready to be part of your wardrobe again. Are you ready to dazzle with the style of the 80s?

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