How to Wear Floral Prints with Confidence and Charm

How to Wear Floral Prints with Confidence and Charm

This summer, we are witnessing a real floral explosion in our closets. To tame this print with style, we show you how to highlight it on your different pieces of clothing. Here’s how to proceed.

Flowers are invited on your favorite clothes, from the jacket to the dress, through blouses, pants, skirts, shorts… They’re everywhere! And accessories aren’t spared either. Flowers of all kinds also land on bags, belts, scarves, and even shoes.

The floral palette is vast, from vintage style through romantic, exotic, slightly classic flowers, or delicate like small liberty flowers. You will be spoilt for choice to compose very fresh and trendy looks!

Floral Print: On Which Fashion Pieces to Bet?

Let’s not lie, the print can scare more than one, especially if the flowers are imposing. Big flowers don’t enjoy a good reputation because they are considered old-fashioned, while smaller flowers seem outdated.

But this season, designers have brought them back to the fore, like the field flowers seen on the silhouettes of Dries Von Noten’s Spring-Summer 2023 fashion show, small flowers at Isabel Marant, Japanese prints at LĂ©onard, or the more 60’s and graphic vision at Anti Batik. You will find a plethora of models in your favorite brands and at sweet prices.

So, which piece to fall for when you are not a fan of the total look? Bet on a top or a shirt easy to pair with plain pants or denim shorts. If you’re up for “stronger” pieces, let yourself be tempted by a flower-printed dress in all over associated with plain accessories to perfect this look.

A floral skirt, or soft pants will also do the trick to complete fresh looks that you will gladly wear with the trendy sandals of the season.

The most reluctant to flower power will fall back on accessories, a real gold mine, to succumb to this trend. So don’t skimp on bags, shoes, scarves with floral patterns, they will bring the cheerful touch to all your looks, think about it!

Finally, not too much is needed, everything is a matter of dosage in an outfit: don’t mix more than one print at a time. Forget the mix of different flowers or even the mixes flowers/ stripes, or flowers/checks… Because beware, it’s a trap, only seasoned fashionistas will embark on such assemblies.

How to Choose the Right Floral Print According to Your Morphology?

Always prefer graphic and modern flowers, rather than overly loaded patterns. If you have small curves that you want to camouflage on the top of your body, prefer prints on the bottom: pants or skirt will then be perfect, just choose a plain top.

If your thighs are generous and you want to refine them, you can choose to wear flowers on a jacket or a top. For slim silhouettes, go for XXL floral long dresses, or the famous jumpsuit with all-over patterns, accompanied by a colored plain jacket to perfect this look. You can shop various types of floral dresses from our floral collection at Hueday.

Floral Print: What Materials to Favor?

Well-cut and quality pieces are as many assets to enhance you. Get yourself dresses in light cotton veil, a shirt or pants in silk. However, use satin and synthetic materials sparingly, which will not necessarily enhance you, and will make you sweat with the arrival of strong heat. Visit our summer collection to find the perfect piece for you.

Remember that in fashion, there are no absolute rules. The most important thing is to feel good in your clothes and in your own skin. So, get out there and bloom with your floral prints!

Happy shopping at Hueday!

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