Outdated Handbag Trends to Ditch This Summer


Handbags are a crucial part of our wardrobe. They not only serve a functional purpose but also make a fashion statement. However, with the ever-changing fashion trends, some handbags can quickly become outdated. Here are some handbag trends that are predicted to be out of style by this summer, according to an article on Woman.ru.

1. Basic Crossbody Bags

While neutral-colored crossbody bags are often considered a wardrobe staple, not all of them are timeless. Bags with too many chains, unusual clasps, or a basic design can quickly become outdated. Instead, opt for more innovative designs. Classic monotone shoppers, mini bucket bags, and geometrically shaped bags are considered timeless.

2. Half-Moon Bags

The half-moon bag trend has been popular in recent months, with many affordable and high-end brands releasing their versions. However, as with any trend that becomes too popular, it’s predicted to be on its way out. Instead, bags with multiple pockets or simple baguette bags are expected to take its place.

3. Overly Detailed Bags

Bags with an abundance of details rarely work in favor of fashion-forward individuals unless their style consists entirely of extravagant items. Overly complicated accessories rarely fit into everyday outfits, so it’s best to invest in timeless accessory models that will last longer.

4. It-Bags from Brands

Each brand has its flagship bag that is considered fashionable by default. However, this factor only applies to a few brands like Hermes, whose accessories are considered “eternal”. Even popular bags like the Chanel Boy and Lady Dior periodically go in and out of trends. Bags with monograms and a recognizable shape are considered outdated. If you want to flaunt a brand name, it’s better to find a more current bag model.

5. Almost Luxury

When mass-market brands release a bag or item that has been trending, it usually means the trend is outdated. Instead of following loud trends, which are usually short-lived, it’s better to invest in timeless accessory models that will last longer.

By being aware of these outdated handbag trends, you can make more informed decisions when updating your wardrobe. Remember, the best accessory is one that you love and feel confident wearing, regardless of the current trends.

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