10-Minute Full-Body Workout You Can Do at Home

10-Minute Full-Body Workout You Can Do at Home


This workout consists of dumbbells in a few sizes, a bench or step, and light cardio. Beginners should start with no weight or light weights and do one set of 14 to 16 reps of each exercise.

Chest press

Your total body workout begins with the chest press, one of the best ways to work your chest. It also works your shoulders and triceps.

One-Arm Row

The one-arm row works the lats, the big muscles on either side of your back, and also works the biceps. Choose a weight that really challenges you and do all reps before switching sides.

Overhead Press

In your total body workout, do overhead presses to strengthen your shoulders. Keep your abs braced and avoid arching your back, and make sure you keep that goal-post shape.

Hammer Curl on One Leg

Hammer curls work the biceps and improve balance. Lift the right foot off the ground and curl the weights towards the shoulders, squeezing the biceps.


Hold a weight in each hand, bend at the waist, keep the back flat and the abs engaged, and pull the elbows up to the torso, straighten the arms and squeeze the triceps muscles.


Deadlifts are challenging to learn to do correctly, but they are an excellent transition exercise into the lower body portion of the workout. They also work the lower back.


Squats are one of the most important exercises in any strength routine, especially a total body workout. They work all the muscles you use each day to sit, stand, and walk.


Lunges work multiple muscle groups, so you work your whole body with fewer exercises, thus saving time and getting more out of your workout.


If you want to really target your abs, try the bicycle crunch. It works every muscle of the abs, with an emphasis on the obliques.

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