5 best exercises to lose belly fat

5 best exercises to lose belly fat



Plank with ball roll

Start in a plank position with feet spread wide apart and arms directly underneath shoulders. Roll the ball over to your left hand and place your right hand down on the mat.



Lie on your back, lift your legs into the air, pull your knees toward your chest and lengthen your right leg, then switch sides and continue with a 'riding' type motion alternating legs.


Roll ups

Lie flat on your back, extend your knees, engage your core muscles, lift your head, neck, and shoulders off the floor, and slowly roll up to a seated position.


Single leg raise

Starting position - Lie on your back with arms by your side and legs lengthened. Lift your right leg up and then slowly lower it back down, repeating for 30 seconds on each leg.


Pilates Abdominal Swing

Lie flat on your back with legs in tabletop position and place your hands underneath your thighs. Inhale and bring your knees toward your chest. Exhale, lift your head and upper body as you roll forward slightly.

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