6 Blackberry Health Benefits You Can’t Ignore

6 Blackberry Health Benefits You Can’t Ignore


Packed with vitamin C

Blackberries contain 30.2 milligrams of vitamin C, which helps to heal wounds, regenerate skin, reduce free radicals, absorb iron, and prevent scurvy.

High in fiber

A high-fiber diet may help you reduce cholesterol, promote regular bowel movements, manage blood sugar levels, make you feel fuller for longer after eating, and nourish healthy gut bacteria.

Great source of vitamin K

Vitamin K helps your blood clot and regulates bone metabolism. A deficiency may cause bone thinning and fractures, and heavy menstrual bleeding.

High in manganese

Manganese is vital to healthy bone development and a healthy immune system. It also helps your body metabolize carbs, amino acids, and cholesterol.

Boost brain health

Eating berry fruits may improve brain health and help prevent memory loss caused by aging, according to a review of research.

Support oral health

A 2013 study found blackberry extract has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory abilities against some types of bacteria that cause oral disease.

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