4 Benefits of Practising Yoga Regularly

4 Benefits of Practising Yoga Regularly


Most Americans don't gravitate to yoga when they are looking to lose weight. But a consistent yoga practice can have a significant effect on your overall physical and emotional health, including weight loss.

Increase in strength

Yogi-strength gains can be made with mindful breathing and pigeon pose, but maintain mind to muscle connection and move with intention to really ramp up the muscle strength.

Mental health support

Making time for yourself amongst everything going on in your life could be the break you and your mental health need. Yoga can help you to release suppressed emotions.

Improved mobility

Yoga can help with mobility issues, especially if you switch up your vigorous flows with more calming styles.

Whole-body health

Yoga strengthens your muscles, keeps your joints healthy and mobile, and keeps your internal organs, nerve system, lymph system, and connective tissue resilient and efficient.

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