Benefits of Walking and Chewing Gum

Benefits of Walking and Chewing Gum


Chewing gum while walking may increase energy expenditure, increase daily step count, and aid in adherence to nutritional goals.


50 participants participated in a randomized, single-blind, controlled, cross-over study. The results indicated that chewing gum increased walking distance, step count, walking speed, heart rate, and energy expenditure

Walking is an unsung hero when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and boosting our overall health. It can be done anywhere at any time and is effective for burning fat and getting movement in for the day.

If you're already a frequent chewer, try this method to curb your appetite and avoid too many sweets or unwanted cravings. It can also be helpful for clients on a healthy caloric deficit program.

Researchers believe that chewing gum enhances walking by increasing heart rate and body movement.

You can also raise your heart rate through more enjoyable methods like music, and set reminders on your phone to get up and walk around the office or house every so often.

Walking is a low-cost form of exercise that experts agree nearly everyone should do, regardless of age or specific goals. Chewing gum can be a relatively low-risk addition to your walking routine.

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