Best Exercises for Women Over 50

Best Exercises for Women Over 50


Water aerobics

It improves strength, flexibility, and balance with minimal stress on your body.

Chair yoga

Chair yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that improves muscle strength, mobility, balance and flexibility, as well as improving mental health in older adults.

Resistance band workouts

Resistance bands are stretchy strips of rubber that add resistance to workouts with reduced stress on your body.


Pilates is a popular low-impact form of exercise that improves balance, develops core strength, and increases flexibility in older adults.


Walking is one of the least stressful and accessible forms of exercise, and can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and colon cancer.

Body weight workouts

Body weight workouts are one of the best ways to counteract the effects of muscle atrophy in older adults.

Dumbbell strength training

Strength training can help seniors manage their diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, and depression, while improving their metabolism and glucose control.

Popular mainstream workouts are not ideal for older adults with joint pain, atrophied muscles, posture problems or issues with balance.

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