7 Best Poses to Try With a Yoga Wheel

7 Best Poses to Try With a Yoga Wheel


Wheel-Assisted Child's Pose

Child's Pose is a classic, restful pose that helps stretch the hips, thighs, low back, and shoulders in a gentle, accessible way. you also experience a nice stretch through the chest and shoulders.

Easy Pose

Easy Pose is a cross-legged seated position that encourages a strong mind and steady breath. It can be performed with the assistance of a yoga wheel.

Fish Pose

Fish Pose is an excellent chest-opening backbend pose that stretches the pectoral and shoulder muscles.

Upward-Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose

The yoga wheel offers significant support for yogis working toward more advanced backbends, helping you build confidence and strength in the working muscle groups.

Half Pyramid Pose

Kneel on one knee and extend your front leg, then reach your arms toward the wheel or your shins as you keep your back straight.

Lizard Lunge

Lunge poses stretch the quads and hip flexors while building strength through the lower body, and the lizard lunge offers the added benefit of opening the hips.

Crow Pose

The Crow Pose on the yoga wheel is identical to the original pose but requires even more balance and body awareness. Breathe steadily, keeping your core engaged, and maintain the pose for at least five breaths

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