How Far Is a 10K? 10K Training Plans

How Far Is a 10K? 10K Training Plans


A 10K race takes about an hour to complete. As a beginner, concentrate on training for the distance and making it to the finish line with good form.

If you've never run a race before, a 5K is a good introduction to road racing. If you're ready to tackle the 10K distance for the first time, use a 10K training program for beginners.

This 10-week 10K training program is for beginner run/walkers who want to run/walk a 10K (6.2 miles).

It also includes an eight-week 10K training schedule for beginners who can already run 2 miles, and a four-week beginner 10K training schedule for beginners who have a month to train.

If you're a more experienced runner, try one of these training programs. They are designed for runners who have previous race experience and are looking to improve their 10K time.

The 10K distance is a popular road race distance, so you should be able to find local 10Ks to run. Study the race instructions provided by the organizer and don't expect to take home first place.

Running a 10K daily could be a good cardio workout. Try different types of runs and improve your running speed and endurance over time.

If you are a beginner runner, it's easier to begin with a 5K and transition to the 10K distance once you feel comfortable.

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