How Rain Helps Relaxation and Sleep

How Rain Helps Relaxation and Sleep


Why Does Rain Make You Sleepy?

People get excited when it rains at night, believing that it will give them a good night's rest. Scientifically speaking, the sounds of rain can improve your sleep quality.

The rain can make you feel sluggish because the air pressure decreases and the air is filled with water vapor, which lowers the oxygen levels in the air and makes your brain feel tired.

Rain Sounds and Relaxation

People who cannot sleep in complete silence may use pink noise, which is similar to rain sounds.

Rain produces pink noise, which cancels out other background noises and aids in relaxation.

Using Sounds to Fall Asleep

Adding rain sounds to your sleep environment can help you sleep better, but you must use a tolerable volume level and choose the right sound of rain for you.

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