5 Lat Exercises for a Massive Back

5 Lat Exercises for a Massive Back


Wide-Grip Pullup

This old school exercise hits the lats especially hard and minimizes bicep involvement. Try adding weight with a pull-up belt as you get stronger.

Pendlay Row

In a bent over position, grab the bar and pull it up to the upper abs. Keep your knees bent and hip angle locked in, and pause before lowering the bar.

Straight-Arm Lat Pushdown

Grab the straight bar attachment with both hands, palms facing the floor. Push your hands down in a sweeping arc motion, taking care to really emphasize the lats doing the work.

V-Bar Sternum Pull-Up

Vince Gironda inspired this variation of the pull-up exercise, where you hang from a v-bar attachment and pull yourself up so that the v-bar touches your sternum.

One-Arm Lat Pulldown

Working one side at a time on the lat pulldown machine will increase muscle mass and muscular balance.

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