Most Vegan Friendly Cities In The World

Most Vegan Friendly Cities In The World


London, UK

In London you can find vegan restaurants at every corner of the city. There are also many cool and fancy restaurants that are not only vegan friendly, but actually fully vegan.

Berlin, Germany

Schivelbeiner Street is a vegan street, with restaurants, cafés and clothing stores geared towards vegan and vegetarian customers.

New York, USA

New York is the most vegan-friendly city in America, offering vegan alternatives for pretty much any food or dish you can imagine.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a leading vegan city with lots of vegan food options, including falafel and vegan-vegetarian kebab shops.

Los Angeles, USA

LA is a vegan paradise with many amazing vegan restaurants, such as Little Pine Restaurant, Crossroads Kitchen and Sage Vegan Bistro.

Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam has always been a stronghold of vegan culture. Jacketz, the flagship restaurant, offers an extensive selection of dishes with jacket potatoes and delicious vegan ingredie

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