8 Tips for How to Run on the Treadmill

8 Tips for How to Run on the Treadmill


Warm Up

Warming up before a workout on the treadmill increases your heart rate, sends oxygen to your muscles and raises their temperature so they'll be more efficient.

Know Your Treadmill

Learn the functions of the machine, and ask a trainer to walk you through them before you hop on. Treadmills usually have a heart-rate monitor, calorie burn calculator, pre-set workouts or intervals, and speed display.

Use a Slight Incline

Set the treadmill incline between 1 percent and 2 percent, and run at a pace that makes you feel challenged. Do interval training once or twice a week to keep your fitness level up without pushing yourself too hard.

Don't Make It Too Steep

When running on an incline, don't run at a steep incline for more than five minutes. Alternate between running a few minutes with an incline and a few minutes without to get a better, safer workout.

Don't Hold on to the Handrail

Some people assume they need to hold onto the handrails when walking or running on a treadmill, but they are only there to help you safely get on and off of the treadmill.

Don't Lean Forward

Keep your body upright while using a treadmill to avoid neck and back pain. Check your posture before you start and periodically throughout your run.

Don't Look Down

If you're looking down at the console or at your feet, your running form will suffer. Look straight ahead to avoid back and neck pain.

Pay Attention to Your Stride

When running on the treadmill, you should run with your natural gait and avoid short, choppy strides. Also, avoid landing heel first with your foot well ahead of your body's center of gravity.

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