Why Does the Sound of Rain Make Us Sleepy?

Why Does the Sound of Rain Make Us Sleepy?


The sound of rain makes us want to curl up in a blanket, grab a good book, and drift off to sleep.

Rain produces white noise, which makes us feel sleepy or lazy. Rain is also calming, falling at varying volumes and is less jarring than a scream or a thud.

The sound of rain is often accompanied by a dark and gloomy ambience, which makes you feel sleepier.

Tips for Staying Awake When It’s Rainy

Spring showers bring May flowers, but caffeine can damage our sleep cycles and immunity.

Next time it's a rainy day, take a nap, get up and move around, and eat a candy bar if you want to feel energized for two full hours.

Moving around frequently, having brief walks when you can, engaging in a conversation, letting there be light, exercising, and making sure your environment has plenty of light can help you feel refreshed

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